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July 29, 2021
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We are proud to announce that VentilAQUA was awarded the COTEC Innovative Statute. This initiative aims to distinguish national companies with a high innovation performance, promoting their public recognition for the creation of value for the country. Innovation has been in our DNA for a long time, but being recognized by an institution like COTEC is always a reason to be proud of.
So those who follow VentilAQUA can understand the importance of this distinction, we conducted a short interview with the CEO Carlos Oliveira, and the R&D Manager, António Rodrigues.

As CEO of VentilAQUA, what does the COTEC Innovative Statute mean?

CO: This distinction is yet another recognition of our effort and dedication to our great strategic aim, which is Innovation. Since its creation, and even in the way it was created, VentilAQUA has always invested everything in Innovation, at all levels. Innovation in marketing, product, organization, processes, etc… This is the reason why, after almost 25 years, it continues to gradually grow, to improve its penetration of the various markets in which it operates, to improve its global reputation, above all for its differentiation, technology, Quality, and the capacity to adapt to the demands and challenges that are proposed to it every day.

VentilAQUA is mainly an exporter, but this distinction proves that it is an example of value creation for the country. Is this the way forward?

CO: This is the path we followed when we founded the company in 1997. This is the path we intend to follow for the future, in light of our Innovation and Quality Strategy. The current reality proves to us that this path is right. It proves to us that the effort put into following this path is compensated by the market’s response. Reality shows us that only companies with this attitude have the success factors to succeed in the Global Market. Today, policies on Innovation, differentiation, Quality, Research, and technology have, fortunately, become something current, a sign of the times. 25 years ago it wasn’t like that, and taking it on as a way forward was a challenge. But this is the only way to create value and it was this feeling that guided us from the beginning when everyone was importing and trading only, and VentilAQUA decided to create and export Knowledge to Protect the Future. We cannot forget the contribution of a wide range of partners, national and international, who have brought us more fundamental Knowledge (Universities and other entities of the national and international scientific system) and third-party solutions and components, also developed in the national territory, which have thus become also Exporters of Knowledge to the World.

Do you want to leave a special message to the VentilAQUA team?

We cannot, of course, fail to add and deliver this distinction to the VentilAQUA Team. The entire Team that, together, in synergy, incoordination, works every day and strives to make our difference in the Market. We are privileged to have dedicated, happy people who are completely focused on taking the company further, we are privileged to have an R&D structure with excellent leadership, always motivated to seek new paths. We are privileged to have an internal environment of great tranquility and stability that helps us to focus on what is important and to give our all for the evolution of the company. It is the people of VentilAQUA who give meaning to all this joint effort. Therefore, the distinction is for them, it is a distinction for their spirit of Innovation.

As VentilAQUA’s R&D manager, what does the COTEC Innovative Statute mean?

AR: It is an outward acknowledgment of the culture rooted in the people who make up VentilAQUA, a distinctive emblem that fits perfectly. It is a statute that fills us with pride for the work that has been developed continuously, but which also raises our demanding levels in the continuous search for innovation and value creation.

Can you talk a little about the projects that are currently being developed?

AR: VentilAQUA has a well-defined innovation strategy that is public, where there is a focus on the development of advanced oxidation processes and innovative products applied to the valorization of waste streams. We are currently implementing an Innovation Management System as an aggregating project for other internal organizational, marketing, and product/process innovation projects.
We cannot fail to mention our external partners in innovation, customers/market with their needs, suppliers with their own innovations, and of course, I could not fail to highlight the relationships created along our path with the entities of the System Scientific and Technological (SCT), national and international, which encourage us to seek innovation. We also highlight two innovative projects under development with SCT entities and end customers, which aim at the valorization and conversion of a residue into a by-product and in the development of a new advanced oxidation process for the removal of pharmaceutical residual compounds that are increasingly found present in affluents and also urban wastewater effluents.

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