VentilAQUA at IFAT 2024: Highlights and Reflections

May 22, 2024
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May 22, 2024 ventilaqua

Recently, VentilAQUA attended the prestigious IFAT trade fair held in Munich, Germany. With an impressive turnout of approximately 142,000 visitors from 170 countries. IFAT once again established itself as the world’s largest meeting point for professionals and companies in the Water, Sewage, Waste, and Raw Materials Management sectors.

At the event, VentilAQUA had the opportunity to forge numerous valuable contacts, all of whom showed significant interest in our innovative solutions. As a regular participant at IFAT since 2008, this was the third showcase of our patented VADOF technology, which continues to be highly coveted. Our advanced electrocoagulation technology also garnered substantial interest, even among attendees who were initially unfamiliar with its technical details. Notably, companies with less market expertise had previously faced challenges in implementing similar technologies, highlighting the superior reliability and effectiveness of VentilAQUA’s solutions.

The feedback received from our demonstrations was overwhelmingly positive. Visitors were keen to learn about VentilAQUA’s technological innovations, demonstrating both curiosity and prior knowledge of our solutions, which we take great pride in.


(this video shows some of the interaction at the booth)

In essence, VentilAQUA’s booth received an enthusiastic response, highlighting the quality and relevance of the technologies presented. The overall impressions of the fair were excellent, with a high level of visitors and promising contacts that are likely to benefit the company in the future.

A significant highlight was the interest in partnerships, with several contacts showing potential for future collaborations. VentilAQUA identified opportunities in new markets where we do not yet have partners, as well as reinforcing our presence in strategic segments.

Despite the absence of major technological breakthroughs in the sector, there was significant interest in electrochemical technologies. VentilAQUA stood out as one of the few companies highlighting this innovative solution at the fair, underscoring our leadership and unique position in the market.