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VentilAQUA Affiliate Program FAQ’s

How does the affiliation program works?

It’s a win-win relationship. After registering as a member, you will be able to bring us a lead, this is, a potential client who may be interested in our services. After the contact, if the lead progresses into a sale, the affiliate will be rewarded with a fixed percentage of the generated revenue. This percentage may vary from 1,5% up to 2,5%, depending on the number of leads generated until that moment.

How can I apply to become an affiliate?

The registration is simple. Just click this link and do your registration. You will receive an email to fill a short form with some details about your expertise.

What is a lead?

A lead is an individual or organization with a possible interest in what we are selling. To be a validated lead, it must have an associated email and phone contact. Besides, a contact between VentilAQUA and the organization is mandatory and it could result in a proposal or not.

How and when do I earn the money?

We gain when a lead turns into a sale. So, after awarding your lead and registering sales associated to it, the payment of your percentage shall be made immediately.

How can I earn more money?

The more leads are generated in a year, the greater the possibility of making money. Here are the three stages you may be included in:
a) 1 to 4 leads – 1,5% of revenue
b) 5 to 9 leads – 2% of revenue
c) 10 or more leads – 2,5% of revenue

What do I have to do after registering the lead? Are there any obligations from my side?

You don’t have to do anything after registering the lead. You will be notified if the lead is valid or not, shortly.

Are there any costs from my side?

No. There are absolutely no costs for you in any steps of the process. The registration is free.

How do I keep track of the lead state and its evolution?

If the lead is valid and a proposal occurs, you will be notified about the principal stages of the process, even when it is stopped. You’ll also be notified once a month or whenever something important happens. Something important may be, for instance: opening negotiation options or process stops.

Are there any lead restrictions?

No. There are no restrictions nor limitations to the lead’s company type, company size, country or industry. All the leads are analyzed on their potential to turn into a proposal and a sale opportunity.

How does my lead balance work?

Your leads have a year duration. For example, if your first lead is registered on the 23th September 2019, your lead balance is the time between 23rd September of 2019 to 23rd September of 2020.

How do I get credit?

The amount you are credited with is billed in Portugal and must comply with legal fees provided by law.


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