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Steri Series

VentilAQUA White has developed a range of equipment to treat wastewater from the health sector. These solutions work under rather low-temperature environments, without demanding pressure requirements. They are easy to use, small, compact, automatic, and very simple to maintain.

Using simple chemical processes and advanced oxidation operations with chemical reagents or atmospheric air, these solutions provide a much higher power of sterilization and inactivation. Moreover, they take advantage of the fact that all work is done locally, in the “source” of production of these effluents, preventing any risk of transport, discharge, storage, handling, collection, or breakage.

High-tech solutions

High-tech solutions

The STERI + and STERI+O3 units present a full range of models, starting with those of direct installation in laboratories, which can even be installed under the lab bench. These STERI series are compact units, built entirely with appropriate materials (stainless steel and plastic) and designed to be installed in hospitals (central or decentralized units), morgues, research and analytical labs, clinics, and any other healthcare spaces with contaminated waters. These are not classified as medical devices.

VentilAQUA WHITE Steri+ O3

This model series is based on a perozonation process. This technology has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of removing, by destruction, viruses, and bacteria. Ozone affects directly the DNA material of viruses and disrupts bacteria biochemistry, going beyond simple inactivation.

Steri+O3 model series include a buffer tank, an ozonation reactor with an ozone destructor for both liquid and gas phase, an ozone leakage detector and alarm, an UV lamp for ozone destruction, an integrated control display and ozone generator (both accessible from the web), with all required safety features and panels and integrated control display. The building materials which compose such solutions are the appropriate ones for handling the ozone, stainless steel, and polyethylene. Moreover, compacity and user-friendliness were basic requirements VentilAQUA took into account to facilitate the use of the equipment.

VentilAQUA White Steri+

These model series inactivate, disinfect, and neutralize lab wastewater through pH modulation. This technology comes with a buffer tank and reactor tank, both interconnected with a portable skid.

Serie+ series includes a buffer tank, an automatic pump for feeding recycling and rejection, a pH control probe, a dosing pump system for alkaline and oxidizing agent, an integrated control display, and an onboard, automatic rinsing with all required safety features and controls (both accessible from the web). Building materials are stainless steel and polyethylene. Compacity and friendly operation were the driving forces for developing these units, as lab personnel has no time to spend with machinery operation and setup.

High-tech solutions

Unique validated systems for contaminated water disinfection and sterilization in liquid wastes!