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March 16, 2021
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March 16, 2021 admin

Two innovative engineering companies shake hands. We are proud to announce our ultimate client on the prevention of Public Health Sector Wastewaters.

This Switzerland operator supplies the health sector worldwide with system solutions for research, environment, industry, life sciences, and medicine projects.

This includes facilities for hospitals, laboratories, pathologies, forensic and forensic medicine, systems for supplying and disposing of chemicals related to chemistry, gas systems, and special laboratory equipment for processes in biotechnology.

contaminated water disinfection

It is urgent to promote means and systems that prevent potentially contaminated sewage from being released into the public sewage system. These potentially contaminated waters can generate ruptures, can contaminate pipes, pumps, and valves that need human intervention, or can have chronic leaks.

Our equipment is compact, on-site, pre-assembled, with plug-and-play mobile systems, involving no pressure, temperature, or chemical requirements.

Click here to download VentilAQUA White Paper for the prevention of the Public Health Sector.

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