Register your leads

Share your leads for VentilAQUA solutions

Any time you have a new lead with interest in any of VentilAQUA’s products or solutions, we help you follow up on those leads, qualifying and engaging them with VentilAQUA’s marketing initiatives. The leads you submit will be connected to your partner account, so that you can be part of the process of converting the lead. Why is this necessary:

  • To engage your leads in campaigns that deliver messages based on the lead’s interest.
  • To qualify the lead before you invest your time and effort with a lead that is not worth it.
  • To keep track of partners’ valuable work and contribution in lead generation and to be able to provide more assistance in the process.

Thus, feel free to provide all the information you know about your lead and don’t forget to identify your partner email to ensure the lead will be associated to your partner account.