What does π (PI) have to do with Nitrogen and CO2?

March 14, 2023
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March 14, 2023 admin

On PI day (3/14), we bring you curiosity! π𝜋𝛑𝝅𝞹ℼ

What does p (PI) have to do with Nitrogen and CO2? We explain!

In a WWTP, traditional biological processes can carry a nitrification-denitrification cycle for nitrogen removal. In short, besides the energy requirement in the nitrification step, the denitrification step will release Green House Gases in the form of CO2 (carbon dioxide).

Chemically speaking, by removing one mole of nitrogen [N] we release one mole of carbon dioxide [CO2], considering the molar masses we have:

[N]= 14 g/mol -> [CO2]= 44 g/mol

That is, 1kg of N removed releases 3.14 kg (44/14) of CO2, the same as saying that 1KG of N removed releases π (PI) Kg of CO2.

We all save the emissions of π kg of CO2, for each kg de N removed with VABEC® technologies.

Is it a coincidence? Mathematicians will tell!

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