VentilAQUA wishes a great Christmas and a Happy 2022

December 21, 2021
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December 21, 2021 admin

Dear friends, partners, colleagues

We’re ending another year, another one that started running out of our hands. Another “different” year, with many limitations, restrictions, and other conditions. Finally, we began to get used to this disarray, I believe it will pass, but it will certainly leave its marks.
For VentilAQUA it was an exceptional year. We left a year of failure, like everyone else, and soon moved on to very intense growth. Countless requests, from all sides, looking for our knowledge, our Knowledge, our difference, our competence, and availability, which we reinforced in the 2020 “pause period” and has now borne fruit.
We closed 2021 with great acceleration, already with great commercial and financial results, but above all with an excellent backing of ongoing projects for 2022. We closed with new internal growth projects, with the launch of new businesses, starting a new complementary activity, with projects for new products, projects to enter new markets, to add to the other new markets we conquered in 2021. We closed by increasing the team, creating a better structure, thinking about the celebrations of our 25th anniversary in 2022. We closed with great optimism, with high expectations, without fear of confinement that only reinforced us.

2022 will certainly be a good year. It will certainly be a year of affirmation for VentilAQUA in the markets, current and new, that we are going to conquer. It will be a year full of news. It will be a year of strengthening the team, a year of growth, a year of achieving ambitions.

Best wishes for a great Christmas and a Happy 2022.