VentilAQUA 2nd Global Convention

October 31, 2019
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VentilAQUA brings together dozens of professionals from around the world in its 2nd Global Convention

June 7th, 2019 was a particularly special day for VentilAQUA, as the company from Coimbra hosted its 2nd Global Convention! This event was the perfect opportunity to discuss future trends in industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse areas. For that purpose, we brought together companies, universities, entrepreneurs, and international VentilAQUA distributors, from all around the world! We welcomed members from every corner of the world, such as Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Israel, and Spain.

Besides, this convention had the pleasure of gathering state-of-the-art presenters and attendees, which made the whole experience unique. On this day, we counted with the special participation of our partner, Professor Luís Arroja (from the University of Aveiro), who told us about the most impactful environmental and regulatory challenges organizations face these days. The icing on the cake was that he also provided solutions and ways to overcome these struggles, promoting sustainable wastewater treatment tools by VentilAQUA.


VentilAQUA convention



Our Research and Development area, in which VentilAQUA invests around 15% of its revenues, also contributed greatly to the success of this convention. It allowed us to present a variety of top wastewater technologies that are revolutionizing the water treatment industry.

Thus, the first presented technology was the Polyfenton Demonstrator Project, in collaboration with the University of Coimbra. The benefits of this solution relate to the more efficient elimination of recalcitrant compounds emitted and released into the aquatic environment by the chemical industry. These emissions are potentially hazardous to the aquatic fauna and humans, and thanks to our Polyfenton Project, we can now get rid off them. Secondly, we presented the new Advanced Oxidation project, the Oxie3D, in partnership with the Porto Superior Institute of Engineering. This project developed an electrochemical adsorption-oxidation process intended to remove drugs and wastewater metabolites. This presentation was also a success and captivated the interested of the attendees.

Besides, the event had a very interesting networking component, as it allowed professionals from different areas of activity to finally get to know each other throughout the day. They shared experiences, difficulties, and working methods, in the often demanding industries in which they operate, such as Automotive, Textile, Plastics, or Dairy sectors.

Last but not least on our 2nd Convention, the CEO of VentilAQUA, Engineer Carlos Oliveira, along with some of our international partners, discussed new fracturing issues in the management of industrial liquid effluents and compliance with future legislation and standards.


VentilAQUA CEO Carlos Oliveira


We may say that this event was undoubtedly very productive for all those who deal with the industrial wastewater treatment and its reuse on a daily basis, independently of their level of contact. Fortunately, we are sure that this convention opened new horizons for many of the professionals who were present. We are only grateful that the vast majority of the guests attended and enjoyed the event. Thank you all very much for your participation!

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