One more country covered by Steri+O3

May 13, 2021

The first Steri + O3 35 was installed in Belgium and it was also VentilAQUA’s first project in the country. It is being installed at the ULB university of medicine in the embryology department. This equipment will serve to sterilize the water produced by the autopsy tables.

This model series is based on a perozonation process. This technology has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of removing, by destruction, viruses, and bacteria. Ozone affects directly the DNA material of viruses and disrupts bacteria biochemistry, going beyond simple inactivation.

The STERI + and STERI+O3 units present a full range of models, starting with those of direct installation in laboratories, which can even be installed under the lab bench. These STERI series are compact units, built entirely with appropriate materials (stainless steel and plastic) and designed to be installed in hospitals (central or decentralized units), morgues, research and analytical labs, clinics, and any other healthcare spaces with contaminated waters. These are not classified as medical devices.

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