Celebrating 26

September 20, 2023
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September 20, 2023 ventilaqua
Dear All,
One year after celebrating our silver wedding anniversary, here we are even stronger, continuing our path of growth, with another year marked by great projects, a lot of demand, and much international recognition.
We maintained our growth curve from last year. Surely, we will close this year with more projects and more value. We have also strengthened our team with new members.
With all this behavior, we decided it would be important to invest in more land to expand our facilities. They will begin to be erected this year, doubling our capacity. This progression allows us to look at the near future with increased growth capabilities.
We are confident that we will reach our 30th anniversary even stronger, bigger, and more vibrant, and we will look back on these last 5 years with amazement at the growth we have achieved, already in adulthood.
Thank you all for your dedication, effort, work, collaboration, innovation, concern, and above all, for the union and strength to go even further.
Congratulations on these 26 years!
Carlos Oliveira, VentilAQUA CEO