2020 looks bright and promising for VentilAQUA

January 20, 2020
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January 20, 2020 admin

The World is changing

Last year we increased our international presence dramatically, reaching a new level of 90% of sales in international markets. A new milestone was reached, beyond our perspectives, to be honest.

More than 80% of our projects are now dedicated to Advanced Oxidation Processes, mainly Electrocoagulation and Perozonation. This fact proves our strategy and proves that the world is changing on wastewater treatment and reuse.

This environmental emergency, although sometimes overclaimed, has awakened a lot of opinion and decision-makers. News about water scarcity, news about drinking water contaminations with pharma and pesticide products, forums on treated water reuse and saving. All of them point to our strategy of sharing with the world new and groundbreaking technologies to answer those needs.

VentilAQUA’s advantage is the fact that those technologies are deeply known, used and proven for more than 20 years now. At different and complex applications, we have total confidence in our projects, in our engineering, in our knowledge.

Sharing our knowledge has always been our goal, our purpose. It can break through ignorance walls and move forward to protect your future, our world. We’ve noticed that this effort, continuous, intensive, deep, is finally catching the attention of everyone. In different sectors and areas, we can make a difference, a big difference with an immediate answer to immediate problems. These are no longer experimental technologies for VentilAQUA, we are ready to help the world!


The Future

The future is now and we can make the difference. What a fine way to start a new year, a new decade.

Municipal and industrial treatment plants will have to adapt to new requirements, either for safe rejects and especially for reuse. Removing hard molecules, recalcitrant contaminants will become mandatory. A revolution is coming in the water world. All our experienced and proven technologies are required for that revolution, amongst others about to come shortly.

2020 looks bright and promising for VentilAQUA. Reports point out for a strong increase in the water market. I would say all predictions might be underestimated. WE can not live without water, and water, as we knew it, is no longer there!

Happy New Year!

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