L'ANI distingue VentilAQUA par un label R&D

November 9, 2022
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November 9, 2022 admin

ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação, is the entity responsible for the development of actions to support technological and business innovation in Portugal. It recently launched the R&D seal, which attests to the competence of an entity to carry out R&D activities in specific domains and areas of activity. This recognition of suitability for the practice of R&D activity allows:
• Differentiate the entity from the competition;
• Establish new partnerships in R&D projects;
• Access to funding from R&D support funds.

The ANI distinction recognizes VentilAQUA’s suitability for the practice of research and development activities in the following fields and areas of technical-scientific activity:
• Water and Environment – Reduction, management, treatment, and recovery of waste;
• Materials and Raw Materials – Efficient, safe, and sustainable use of resources;
• Production Technologies and Process Industry – Reduction and reuse of waste;
• Production Technologies and Product Industry – Innovative products with high added value.

This is yet another acknowledgment of the role that VentilAQUA has been playing for several years, further consolidating our position as an innovative company. We thank ANI for the distinction, but essentially VentilAQUA’s R&D department and all its employees and partners, not forgetting other institutions such as universities.

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