Advanced Oxidation solutions for wastewater treatment

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Who is VentilAQUA?

We promote a strong and continuous investment in R&D to sustain our technological leadership and present you with the most Advanced Oxidation solutions for wastewater treatment in the market. VentilAQUA is a Portuguese company founded in 1997, dedicated to wastewater treatment and reuse. Our motivation is to apply new and upgraded technologies to be a step beyond the market. We deliver new solutions for saving the water on our planet. Last November, VentilAQUA was at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019. New technologies that will help the market and the world to save water were presented. The treatment of industrial waters to make them reusable. available and complying with all regulations around the world.

We are a global company. We are present in more than 60 countries nowadays. We have more than 700 wastewater treatment plants running with different technologies. We apply chemical and biological technologies, but mainly we are focused on the new advanced oxidation technologies. These are the ones that allow the market to remove the most difficult contaminants and difficult molecules from the water. The new advanced oxidation technologies are a step beyond the standard methods of wastewater treatment.

Advanced Oxidation solutions for wastewater treatment

At Aquatech show, two advanced oxidation technologies were presented. One is a Dissolved Ozone Flotation (DOF) unit, and the other one is electrocoagulation with electro-oxidation. Both allow deeper treatment of wastewaters for the removal of several micropollutants, micronutrients, antibiotics, hormones, and difficult organic molecules. Those are the contaminants that are difficult to treat nowadays, and required to be removed from the waters. Also, looking at future regulations in Europe and around the world, which will be more stringent for industries to comply with.

Advanced Oxidation solutions

Dissolved Ozone Flotation

Dissolved Ozone Flotation is a technology very similar to Dissolved Air Flotation. Besides the traditional separation of sludge, it goes beyond on oxidation processes. Due to the strong oxidative power of Ozone, the remaining organics, still in the water, are removed. The Dissolved Ozone Flotation technology can be combined with other technologies, even biological. This combination will allow moving into the next step for water reuse.


Electrocoagulation is a different application. Electrocoagulation uses electricity to give extreme oxidative power to the water. Electrocoagulation uses electricity to give extreme oxidative power to the treatment process. Our effluent, our wastewater, works as a saline solution, an electrolyte. It’s a conductive solution that combines electrical current, ion current, and water hydrolysis. The final result is the removal of heavy metals, the removal of organics, and the removal of difficult molecules, very easily and with very low OPEX costs.

Electrocoagulation is a process based on the application of electrical current through electrodes that are immersed in a tank/reactor. This reactor will generate an effect that will remove all these contaminants, breaking down the molecules, and producing a chemical precipitate with metal ions without the use of chemicals. It’s a more sustainable solution system than traditional chemical treatment. We don´t have chemical usage because we don’t require a pH regulation. We don’t require a large amount of sludge formation and it’s a much more effective way of treating waters, removing suspended and dissolved contaminants.

Advanced Oxidation solutions

Electrocoagulation and Dissolved Ozone Flotation

Downstream the electrocoagulation, we can add the traditional methods of sludge separation by settling or by flotation. The combination of the Dissolved Ozone Flotation and Electrocoagulation system will result in an extremely strong application to remove the most difficult molecules. We have several examples around the world either of the Dissolved Ozone Flotation and Electrocoagulation, alone and together. We can even combine these systems with biological treatment plants because Ozone will not affect the activity downstream. Electrocoagulation neither. The compatibility of these with biological treatment is perfect. We can have revampings, we can retrofit. We can increase the efficiency of existing plants by introducing these elements into existing processes. They can be modular, and they can be fitted into existing plants.

Where do we act?

VentilAQUA works mainly in industrial sectors. By industrial sectors, we mean the traditional industries from several activities. Also, we work in the wastewater treatment of schools, resorts, hotels or shopping malls. All these institutions generate wastewaters that we consider as industrial type. We are not talking about sewage. These are waters loaded with greases, with oils, with chemical compounds, with pharmaceutical compounds. So we work a lot with the oil and gas industry, the cosmetic industry, the pharmaceutical, metalworking or automotive. Institutions with human activity create wastewaters that can be treated and reused. The reuse can be aimed either to irrigation, to water-consuming devices like cooling towers, for air conditioning, or to general washings around these infrastructures. Finally, as drinking water at an endpoint of the treatment.

We are focused on the industries around the world with small, medium or large size plants. We have equipment and projects that run from 100 liters per hour up to 5000 cubic meters per hour. We have a wide range of applications. We have experience in most industrial sectors around the world.

Our mission

Protecting your future is the goal of VentilAQUA and will always be our theme. All equipment and technologies are exactly meant for that. Protecting the future of consumers, protecting the future of industries, creating sustainability by reusing water, and better life quality for the whole world. We have been doing this around the world for the last 25 years almost. We hope to keep doing this for the next 25 years, at least. We will continue to improve water quality around the world.

We are leading new Advanced Oxidation solutions for wastewater treatment around the world. We are implementing new wastewater treatment solutions around the world. Our goal is to develop new solutions keeping the focus on R&D. Our objectives are always to grow and expand the VentilAQUA business. We already cover more than 60 countries and we will move more overseas, delivering our knowledge, delivering our capacity to create great partnerships. We are ambitious and new projects going on. We have new projects to be launched. All different, all revolutionary. The future looks bright, and we hope to help the world have better water and a better world.

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