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Case Study

The automotive, aeronautic, and metal industries (in which are included: cars, trucks, planes, heavy machinery, and their components) are facing increasing environmental requirements, especially concerning COD, metal removal, and special molecules removal. Often residual metal levels, residual hydrocarbon, oil levels, and surfactant content become a problem that traditional chemical or biological treatment plants cannot solve. Sometimes, not even efficient automotive wastewater treatment plants can keep compliant with new requirements, coming either from external authorities or from the company’s internal decisions on goals and strategy. Besides, operating costs for existing plants are extremely high.

Thus, introducing advanced oxidation systems to these operations is key to solve these problems, either along with new wastewater treatment plants or just revamping/retrofitting existing ones. Often, we observe very short paybacks on investment with these revamping options. And, many companies use very expensive final or tertiary treatment procedures, like activated carbon adsorption, to try to solve these problems, most of the times unsuccessfully at a very high cost. So, VentilAQUA’s AOP technologies based on electrocoagulation show the way to metal, oils, and emulsion removal. At the end of the day, with our wastewater treatment solutions for the automotive industry, businesses in this sector may expect no more huge chemical dosage, no more activated carbon adding, and no more pH control up and down will be required.


What do they do?

The current wastewater treatment solutions for automotive companies usually lie on traditional approaches, based on basic coagulation/ flocculation processes, which are not efficient and demand high running costs.

What are they trying to achieve?

They aim at having an efficient oil removal and metal precipitation solution. Additionally, they also wish to reduce operating costs and ensure compliance with local reject limits and regulations.


Chemical treatment solutions for wastewaters reinforcing environmental
compliance and process automation

Creating solutions for the automotive wastewater treatment and aiming at helping customers achieve their goals, VentilAQUA presented an AOP based solution, in which it introduced electrocoagulation and DAF flotation all together in a compact display, adapted to the existing space inside production areas. The wastewater treatment solution included two electrocoagulation cells, model VABEC 500AG120, standing in a metal frame and connected, gravimetrically, to a VAMEF12 DAF unit, with chemical dosage, pH control, coagulation/floculation stirred reactor, recirculation pump, air compressor, sludge separation, all in a compact and unique display. The icing on the cake was the automatic operation, wireless control from the main control room and from internet App.



Allowing automation and environmental compliance by using electrocoagulation for wastewater treatment

Metal removal is rather easy and fast straight forward with electrocoagulation. Oils and emulsion removal are the fruit of this chemical solution. Thanks to electrocoagulation, the client gets rid of huge chemical dosages and activated carbon adding, and no longer needs to control pH.


  • COD – 40.000 mg/j
  • TSS – 500 mg/l
  • Flow – 2000 L/h


  • COD reduction between 90 and 97%
  • BOD reduction between 89 and 99%
  • O&G below 5 ppm
  • Boro below 0,3 ppm
  • Cu below 0,4 ppm
  • Pb below 0.01 ppm
  • Sn below 0.01 ppm
  • Fluorine below 0.01 ppm
  • Detergents below 1 ppm


BELOW 5ppm

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