The 3 Real Benefits of Industrial Wastewater Reuse

October 31, 2019 admin

Industrial Wastewater Reuse methods are all you need to know about sustainability in wastewater treatment plants. Does it make any sense, today, to build and install wastewater treatment plants without considering wastewater reuse and recycling? No. Either economically speaking, in developed countries mostly, either environmentally in non-developed countries, with weaker to non-existent water supply quality infrastructures.

Industrial Wastewater Reuse


The 3 Real Benefits of Industrial Wastewater Reuse

VentilAQUA works daily on wastewater treatment solutions that make the water reuse an act of sustainability. Several plants around the world adopted our technologies and equipment. All claim to have acquired these three main benefits:

1- Reduced reject fees

Treating wastewater to send them down to sewer makes little sense these days. This loads municipal sewer systems with a hydraulic load which is not necessary to create an extra cost (fees) for users and forbids users from reusing these waters.

2- Reduced freshwater costs

Treating and reusing wastewater can cut by more than 90% of the costs associated with freshwater. Only the freshwater will be used to compensate evaporation (higher in hot climates) and water losses with sludge. A continuous water cycle within an industrial facility is possible without special costs or complexity. Reusing treated wastewaters either back in the industrial process itself or other applications, as toilet flushing, general washings, irrigation, cooling towers blow down compensation, etc. All of this without requiring major investments and without a lot of complexity in most cases.

3- Overcome water shortages (common in many countries)

Freshwater consumption, especially when its quality is not immediately suitable for the desired use, is expensive. Thus reducing dramatically its volume not only reduces the environmental in-print of the user, but it also reduces dramatically operations costs, as sometimes the scarcity of water or its poor quality creates extra costs and complexity to its users (Ro systems, trucking water, reduced pressure, and flow, etc)

In many countries, freshwater is not available as we would like it to be. Regarding water as a resource, being self-sufficient, at least to some extent, is a powerful tool for any industry, and is a very important competitive quality. Many industrial companies find themselves trapped in water insufficiency issues, special in pick seasons in hot climates or dry areas.




VentilAQUA offers you a wide range of technical possibilities and technologies to treat and reuse your wastewater ( We are specialists in Advanced Oxidation Processes, in Electrocoagulation, in the Fenton process, in acid stripping, and more. All of these technologies allow you to remove the hardest molecules and contaminants to make your wastewater safe, proper, and ready for reuse. All of these are then, economically effective solutions.


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