The New Generation of Wastewater Treatment

September 22, 2020
September 22, 2020 admin

Advanced Oxidation

The ultimate industrial wastewater treatment technologies are right here. The real truth about treating industrial effluents is that we’re presenting a new generation of wastewater treatment methods. The market is changing at a high-speed. A new generation that complies with new regulations and demands. The majority of wastewater treatment plants aren’t prepared for this revolutionary change.

Our advanced technology with our patented technologies can treat industrial effluents on areas like Oil & Gas, Automotive, Textile or Detergents, etc, removing contamination and allowing for water reuse. And we offer the right tailor-made sustainable solution too. The right equipment can make the difference between having a costly operation or a new cash source. This is really powerful!



Electrocoagulation is an electro-chemical process that removes suspended, emulsified, or dissolved contaminants from water using an electric flow of charge. It generates a direct flow of charge to free into the liquid the metal ions from sacrificial anodes that will remove undesirable contaminants, either by chemical reaction and precipitation, or by causing the coalescing of colloidal materials that are then removed from clear water by electrolytic flotation.



Automotive metalworking company from a German group, with huge problems in removing hydrocarbons and other tensioactive contaminations with the former existing treatment plant. With our Electrocoagulation unit, coupled with a flotation DAF unit, removal efficiency reached more than 90% and the company complies now with all local regulations.

Project Data:

Inlet COD – 40.000 mg O2/L
TSS – 1.500 mg/L
Flowrate – up to 2.000 L/h

Automotive & Metal Industry



Producer of chemical products for home care and professional cleaning has the complexity of having multiples of products and wastewater quality, required a system to deal with that complexity and to remove detergents and organic load from their wastewaters to comply with local regulations for water discharge. The system is composed of several Electrocoagulation cells, coupled with DAF flotation unit and filter press for sludge dewatering. Results according to requirements, included low treatment cost high efficiency.

Project Data:

Inlet COD – 32.000 mg/L
TSS – 1.400 mg/L
Flowrate – 40 m3/day

VentilAQUA Blue waste water treatment solutions for Cosmetic and Detergents



Public sewage treatment station, receiving also industrial wastewaters by truck, which caused terrible problems to exist biological treatment plant with these heavy loads coming from industrial waters. Managing these industrial waters in order to add them continuously and under control to plant was a first step, combined with Electrocoagulation cell coupled with DAF
unit. Removals reached more than 90% in some cases, eliminating all usual problems in the main treatment plant.

Project Data:

Inlet COD – up to 13.0000 mg O2/L
TSS- 95.000 mg/L
Flowrate – up to 2 m3/h



International homecare detergents producer, requiring a system to remove detergents and organic load from their wastewaters to comply with local regulations for water discharge. The system composed of Electrocoagulation cells, coupled with a DAF flotation unit and filter press for sludge dewatering, all manufactured by VentilAQUA. Results according to requirements, included low treatment cost, as expected.

Project Data:

Inlet COD – 2.000 mg O2/L
TSS – 1.500 mg/L
Flowrate – up to 2.000 L/h


Shopping Malls

Mall facilities face major problems with the treatment of greasy wastewaters coming from the food court areas. We developed a new approach to this problem, replacing standard grease traps by chemical treatment units, combining advanced oxidation technology, using Electrocoagulation and Electrooxidation processes with flotation devices (DAF). We managed to perform a proper chemical treatment, remove all solids, fats, and greases, avoid bad odors, besides reducing drastically its organic loads, preparing these waters for final disinfection and filtration which will allow them to be reintroduced into an internal feed line.

Project Data:

Inlet COD – 800 mg O2/L
TSS – 120 mg/L
Flowrate – up to 6.000 L/h

Shopping Malls, Electrocoagulation - Brazil



Textile deying company for zip fasteners, looking to adapt wastewaters to more demanding local regulation, namely in tensioactives removal, nitrogen removal, and organic load removal. Due to heavy load in detergents, Electrocoagulation and Electrooxydation units were installed, together with DAF flotation unit and band filter for sludge dewatering, allowing the company to get their discharge permissions with a very low operating cost compared with any other potential alternative solution.

Project Data:

Inlet COD – 4.000 mg/L
TSS- 500 mg/L
Flowrate – up to 2.000 L/h

YKK, Electrocoagulation - Portugal


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