Webinar – Advanced Technologies for Textile Wastewater Treatment

May 7, 2020

Known as huge water consumers, textile plants have to adapt to these new demands and requirements from authorities but also, and most important, from society, which no longer accepts to have to deal with their environmental footprints.

Advanced Oxidation Processes like electro-coagulation and perozonation, alone or together, are the key technologies to introduce in revampings, retrofits, or new plants to reach this challenging new reject limits, comply with most stringent regulations and allow for efficient and profitable reuse, adding value to the process.

textile wastewater treatment

Even though many plants use chemical and biological water treatment systems, compliance issues, difficulty in reusing treated water, and operating costs are still a struggle. The key to overcome these problems lies in oxidative pre-treatment, such as adding an electrocoagulation process to a biological one.

textile wastewater treatment

Such technology involves a powerful oxidation process which removes detergents and surfactants, solving Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) problems, removing color, decreasing salinity, and preparing effluent to recovery and reuse plants.

A very interesting session was planned, aimed essentially at professionals in the Textile industry or who are interested in Advanced Oxidation Processes.

Webinar Key Subjects

Color Removal
Detergents Removal
Recalcitrant Organics Removal
Cost Reduction
Compliance with Legal Regulations


Eng Carlos Oliveira – CEO of VentilAQUA
Eng Wölfgang Höhn – Textile Industry Expert




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