A 3D System to Remove Carbamazepine

July 27, 2021
July 27, 2021 admin

Pursuing its path of innovation and knowledge, VentilAQUA conceived another successful collaboration with universities and partners. This time, we made our contribution to the excellent research work of the REQUIMTE / LAQV, belonging to the Superior Institute of Engineering of Porto (ISEP). A work that means a great contribution to the scientific community, and in particular to the pharmaceutical industry. The scientific article is now available for consultation through this link: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3417/11/14/6432/htm


The scientific community is increasingly concerned about the presence of pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment, which is a consequence of their high consumption and inefficient removal by wastewater-treatment plants. The search for an effective and sustainable tertiary treatment is therefore needed to enhance their removal. For this purpose, the combination of electrochemical and adsorption processes into three-dimensional (3D) electrochemical systems has been proposed. In this study, a 3D system was studied to remove carbamazepine, an antiepileptic, consumed in high doses and very persistent in the environment. The influences of the following parameters on its removal were evaluated: anode and cathode materials and distance between them, electrolyte (NaCl) concentration and pH, and the (carbon-based) adsorbent material used as the particulate electrode. The obtained results demonstrated that the introduction of the particulate electrode improved the removal efficiency. This can be attributed to the simultaneous occurrence of different phenomena, such as adsorption/electrosorption, electrocoagulation, oxidation, and catalytic degradation.

Keywords: adsorption; advanced oxidation techniques; biochar; pharmaceuticals; stainless steel cathode; mixed metal oxide anode; wastewater treatment

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