We have witnessed a continuous growth in energy consumption caused by the increase in world population and more recently by the economic and industrial development of emerging economies, with the highest incidence on the Asian continent. This demand for more energy puts great pressure on energy resources from fossil fuels, which we all know are limited and will become increasingly scarce. Besides this increase also rises the concern about our environment and climate changes leading to demand for sustainable energy solutions, so that renewables become increasingly relevant as part of the solution to these problems.

Renewable energies play an increasingly important role in the future energy policies of many countries and many have already developed incentive plans to promote the adoption of renewable solutions that minimize the environmental impact and reduce fossil fuels dependence.

The transition to a sustainable energy model, that respects our environment, is only possible with a clear commitment to renewable energies. This paradigm shift will enable a transition to a competitive low carbon economy.

In VentilAQUA we believe this is the way.

As part of our commitment to an increasingly sustainable world, we offer solutions to the market for the production of electricity and heat from renewable sources.

(...) we are committed to actively fight for climate protection and expansion of renewable energy (...)
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