Projecto Polyfenton
The Fenton reaction is a well-known advanced oxidation process (AOP) used in the degradation of organic pollutants. However, it can impart rather harmful effects to the natural environment due to the by-production of ferric hydroxide sludge underlying the homogeneous nature of the reaction media. To overcome this drawback, the searching for heterogeneous catalytic systems is the alternative to the conventional approach, like polymer supported catalysts, of which polymer-metal complexes are a notable case.
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Research & Development
Having born with the development of new depuration systems for the wood and wood-working industry, of its own design, VENTIL AQUA couldn't ever grow and continue without basing its strengths in a R&D continuous efflort.

This effort is vivid and well displayed by VENTIL AQUA's own lab, for customer and after service support, also developing new projects and fundamental investigation and research for new solutions, besides having developed a number of pilot plants, either lab and full scaled, partnerships with R&D institutions like universities and technical institutes. Continuous training and daily contact with new technologies, scientific information and renown researchers grants VENTILAQUA direct contact with all updated knowledge. Therefore, there's no doubt R&D is the main concern of VENTILAQUA's staff.

As a result of all this, VENTILAQUA developed a series of new equipments, some of them very specific for local and traditional industries in Portugal, as cork and wood furniture, and managed to create its own industrial capabilities to manufacture special depuration units, like SBR biological units, electrogulation chemical units and chemical/physical depuration compact units either of continuous or batch flow.

- Wood
- Cork
- Cod fish processing
- Statistics
- Electrocoagulation

- Electrocoagulation
- MBR tubular membranes
- MBR plane membranes

- Lab technologies and techniques
- Activates sludges microscopic analysis (international course)
(...) growing
strategy based
on exportation
and overseas
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