VentilAQUA's mission is to develop and present, in the global market, processes and wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater, and compatible solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers technologies, having developed its own technology for equipment and processes.

Since the genesis of VentilAQUA, linked to the development of new solutions for treatment of industrial effluents, VentilAQUA could never continue its path without support of its action on strong R & D foundation.

Possession of its own laboratory, to customer support and development of research projects and research new solutions is essential in the development of VentilAQUA strategy. Only then it is possible to achieve a development capacity of its product range, with high technology and sophistication, which ensures you get the maximum performance, economic, applicability and functionality, making the products increasingly more competitive and appealing.

The pilot plant, the laboratory and industrial scale, partnerships with educational and research institutions, national and international projects of R & D, continuous training and support for the new staff in the areas of development, are proof of this unwavering commitment to R&D that underpins the knowledge and the development of VentilAQUA.
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